The Sun is the Limit


Market Need
Traditional multi-step, batch materials manufacturing processes with wet chemistries limit the control and yield of high value raw materials. Innovation in markets across multiple industries such as consumer electronics, lighting, automotive and aviation are inherently constrained via the cost, throughput, and quality limitations of these traditional materials fabrication processes.

Today's Process


A patented microwave-based plasma technology born out of discoveries made at MIT and UConn Innovation Labs.

The UniMelt™ System
The UniMelt™ process is the world’s only high-power microwave-based plasma system for creating and modifying advanced powder and particle materials.  It provides a one step, continuous flow through plasma process that is disrupting traditional production methods for high value nano, nano-structured, and spheroidized materials.  

Amastan’s technology platform provides clear advantages over existing high temperature and plasma technologies:

  • The contamination-free environment ensures the highest purity materials

  • Atmospheric operating conditions enable continuous operation for lowest cost

  • Microwave energy coupling of 99%, resulting in lower operating costs

  • Extremely uniform 6000K plasma means every particle sees the same thermal history

  • Scalable to 100’s of KW for large volume applications

  • Flexible and future-proof processing platform – all materials


Platform Applications

Amastan is developing advanced materials within the following applications:

  • Additive Manufacturing - Metals

  • Quantum Dots

  • Phosphors

  • Transparent Ceramics

  • Energy Applications

  • Advanced and Functional Ceramics

  • Polishing Materials