Healthcare, Medical Device


Corinna has 15 years of experience in technology innovation in life sciences, medical devices, electronics, and aerospace. Her experience spans technologies from chemistry and sensors to devices and electronics. Most recently, she was responsible for business development and strategy for the Surgery and Perioperative Care Global Business Unit at The Medicines Company, where she focused on growth through worldwide partnerships and commercialization of novel therapies.

Prior to that, Corinna worked in business development as well as in engineering at Incline Therapeutics. She developed IONSYS, a transdermal device, and led the post-acquisition integration of Incline Therapeutics which was acquired by the Medicines Company for $390M. Before that she helped develop Zalviso, a sublingual therapy for acute pain while at AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, and other diagnostic therapies.

She began her career at the Space Sciences Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, designing instrumentation for NASA’s THEMIS mission to examine space storms. She has advised and supported the launch of startups throughout her career. She is dedicated to the continued advancement of science and technology to better our lives and the environment.

She received her MBA from Duke University and her BS in Electrical Engineering from Boston University. She holds six patents in drug and device design.

Corinna is an avid swimmer, SCUBA diver, and urban farmer who likes to pursue unique adventures.