A cost efficient state-of-the-art cooling technology to unlock machining productivity.


Market Need
All metal cutting operations require a constant stream of coolant on the cutting tool and material being cut. Current throughput speeds are limited almost exclusively by the rate of cooling.

Conventional, centuries old water and oil-based metal cutting fluids and coolants are:


Spun out of the lab of University of Michigan professor Dr. Steven Skerlos, a patented  supercritical CO2 advanced coolant and lubrication system for use in large scale metal and polymer machining operations in manufacturing.

The Fusion Solution
Fusion’s disruptive technology creates a stream of coolant that is more effective, increasing productivity / throughput and reducing system-level costs, all while significantly reducing health and environmental safety hazards.


Pure-Cut™ delivers supercritical CO2 with dry lubrication. This is critical for applications where cleanliness is important and/or for alloys where enhanced lubrication is not necessary.

Pure-Cut+™ delivers supercritical CO2 and 1 to 120 mL per hour of enhanced lubrication for more difficult cutting applications. This is critical for applications where controllable enhanced lubrication is necessary.

Platform Applications

Fusion’s technology has been adopted by customers in Aerospace, Biomedical and Automotive.