Chief Scientific Advisor

Woodford L. and Ann A. Flowers University Professor, Harvard University

George is best known for his insights into surface chemistry, understanding how molecules arrange themselves on a surface. The discovery laid the groundwork for advances in nanoscience that led to new technologies in electronics, pharmaceutical science and medical diagnostics. His recent research interests include energy, the origin of life, and science for developing economics. Whitesides is the author of more than 950 research papers and holds over 50 patents. He has mentored more than 300 scientists who now hold influential positions in academia, industry, and government. He has received dozens of awards, the most recent of which is the Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences for his creation of new materials that have significantly advanced the field of chemistry and its societal benefits. He has also received the Priestley Medal, which is the highest honor bestowed by the American Chemical Society, and the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Chemistry for his pioneering chemical research in molecular self-assembly and innovative nanofabrication techniques. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and has been appointed a Fellow of numerous societies. As the author of more than 950 scientific articles and numerous patents, George is the most cited chemist in the world.