Disrupting the way the world uses water

Market Need
Industrial processes use large amounts of water for cooling. Water sourcing and treatment is highly expensive and the visible plumes emitted from cooling towers pose regulatory and public relations challenges.


Spun out of the renowned MIT lab of Dr. Kripa Varanasi, a groundbreaking technology that leverages electric fields to capture and recycle the water plumes leaving cooling towers. Water is electrically charged using custom electrodes then moved to a collection mesh placed on top of the cooling tower outlet. High-purity re-condensed water is then recovered and re-used for cooling or other uses.

The Infinite Cooling Solution
Infinite Cooling helps power plants and other industrial processes dramatically reduce water consumption and water treatment costs. For a single plant, the company’s WaterPanel™ technology enables a 20% reduction in water use, 200M gallons of water saved per year and a cost savings of over $1.5M.

Platform Applications
Beyond Power Plants, Infinite Cooling’s technology can be applied to Oil Refining & Chemicals, Data Centers, Food Production, Hospitals, Office & Commercial and Universities.