Enabling Automation in New Markets


Market Need
Existing robotics solutions are limited in their ability to pick and place objects that are fragile and of varying size, shape, and weight.

Dr. George Whitesides at Harvard University inspired by the tentacles of an octopus, developed a new class of robotic actuators built entirely of smart elastomeric materials without the need for the hard linkages, sensors, sophisticated vision systems, and complex numerical computations found in traditional robotic systems.

The Soft Robotics Solution
A fundamentally new class of robotic grippers that are adaptive, plug and play, repeatable and reliable. Advanced air actuated soft elastomeric end effectors enable novel industrial applications and improve quality, productivity, safety, and flexibility for better response to market.

Platform Executions

FOOD: Many food items cannot be manipulated by a conventional gripper without being damaged. Soft Robotics enables automation of delicate food items like fresh produce, bakery items and poultry.
ADVANCED MANUFACTURING: Automation of manufacturing facilities has been limited to highly-structured tasks. As a result many industries still rely on hand assembly. Soft Robotics' grippers excel at operating in unstructured environments.
E-COMMERCE: An e-commerce warehouse stores an ever increasing number of SKUs that are continuously changing. Soft Robotics' simple and adaptable grippers are capable of manipulating items with varying shapes, sizes, and weights.