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What We Do


Our Philosophy

Material Impact transforms materials into companies that make an impact. We aren't just technology scouts and company creators, we're builders. We seek out novel materials and grow them into great products and enduring companies that solve real-world problems.


The "Go-to" Fund in Materials

A unique, differentiated venture thesis, ownable because of our team’s expertise and experience: 

• A strong understanding of technology

• Relevant operating experience

• Broad and deep university connections

• Unparalleled network of industry, large companies, and government

• Large and small venture capital investing experience

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Why Materials?

The most significant quantum leap advancements in technology are enabled by innovations in material science. Material technologies are among the only that can impact all fields, fulfilling basic human needs and improving the quality of life on the planet.


Our Recipe

Identify unmet needs in key industries, and how material innovation can break through those limitations.


Access commercially viable, broad based technology platforms at the university level which can unlock solutions for multiple industry applications.


Collaborate with large corporates that amplify company resources and validate the technology early in its development.