Democratizing water by pulling it from thin air


Market Need
Clean drinking water is our most precious commodity and one that has become increasingly scarce around the world.

Arizona State based technology spun out of the lab of material science professor and founder, Cody Friesen. A solar panel developed from a hygroscopic material that draws moisture from even low relative humidity air and condenses it into highly purified drinking water.

Source: Drinking Water Solar Panel
Using solar technology, Source extracts water vapor from the inexhaustible supply in the air to produce high-quality drinking water.

CONVENIENT: Installed on rooftops or on the ground and is connected to in-home tap
HIGH QUALITY: Produces delicious, clean drinking water for a family of four each day
SECURE: Requires no infrastructure, mobile dashboard provides real-time panel performance
RENEWABLE: Runs on air and sun, requires no additional inputs, each panel offsets 3.5 tons of CO2 emissions each year
EFFICIENT: Pays back three-five times faster than Solar PV, requires no external electricity

Platform Applications
This technology has a material impact on individual consumers, remote housing development projects, and strategic government partners.